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Call for action / Hearing Bad Reichenhall May 14th 2016

Our call for action is now also available in English language: „Your Denial Makes Us Sick! Name NS crimes | Compensation for victims | Attack right wing tradition“. After intervening in Bad Reichenhall since 2010 we decided to organize a hearing with guests from Greece and Northern Germany. We’re especially looking forward to welcome the 92 years old contemporary witness Nikolaos Marinakis from Skines. On August 30th 1941 Gebirgsjäger from Bad Reichenhall executed 146 male and 2 female civilians from Skines, burning down the village afterwards. Mr. Marinakis also lost family members.

The hearing will start at 12 o’clock on Sa, May 14th at the Kurgastzentrum Bad Reichenhall. Within the next few days we’re trying to publish a short version of the call for action and some more information also in Greek language.